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we are moderate

welcome to moderate apparel, your go-to destination for exceptional streetwear that effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with unmatched quality. as a top-tier premium streetwear apparel brand, we are passionate about curating garments that go beyond the ordinary.

proudly canadian

our deep-rooted pride lies in our canadian heritage. every step of our production process, from
design and manufacturing to sourcing, printing, packaging, and shipping, takes place right here
in canada.

this hands-on, small batch approach allows us to ensure meticulous quality control, foster strong
partnerships, and contribute to our local economy.


at moderate apparel, we recognize the importance of clothing as an expression of your individuality. that's why we painstakingly handcraft every detail of our products, ensuring a seamless integration with your lifestyle.

Discover the Difference

since our launch in 2021, moderate apparel has dedicated itself to perfecting the art of minimalist design prioritizing quality over quantity and eliminating unnecessary embellishments, we create garments perfect for your daily activities while maintaining
exceptional style.


Join the community of fashion enthusiasts who trust Moderate Apparel to deliver unparalleled
premium streetwear.

Discover a whole new level of style and craftsmanship that will truly make you proud of what you wear.